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Awww that39s cute although I don39t ship themD SANJI t
Awww that's cute ^.^ although I don't ship them:D
I don't ship Nami and Sanji but I think this is pretty cute
Zoro, Sanji, yaoi, carrying, cute, sleeping, wounded, blushing; One Piece
I don't ship it, but it's cute
One piece, Luffy sanji nami ep 808 soooo sad
I don't ship sanji x zorro but I do love the fanart with them
Nami, Sanji, couple, cigarette; One Piece
He sacrificed himself for them and THIS is how she acts? I really hope he stops saving her
Luffy and Hancock: I don't ship it, but the fan art for
Sanji and Zoro as nekos. I don't ship them,
Sanji and Nami-tbh I don't ship them, but this was too
luffy x nami | Tumblr
Vinsmoke Sanji
Boa and Luffy, don't ship it but this is cute :)
Don't really ship them,but it's cute
One Piece ~ Zoro, Sanji ~ I don't ship them, but this is kinda cool.
Don't ship it but it's a cute ...
I ship it
I don't know if I ship Luffy and Nami or Sanji or Nami
Animals/ZoroxSanji/One piece
Zoro x Law ~ I don't ship them, but this is cute
I don't really think there should be any couples in One Piece, but
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I don't ship sanji x zorro but I do love the fanart with them
Sanji and Nami #one piece
It's cute amiright? Sucker for such oddness. I so wish this happened. After Sanji saw his love love vanish, h. OP - Our shitty reunion
I love this, but it makes Sanji-san look like he's seriously depressed.
Smash With Me. Don 't ...
Zoro x Luffy x Sanji | One piece ( I don't really see this as a pairing but Luffy is too cute not to pin )
One Piece // Oh my gosh, they're all so cute! Haha, even as a kid, Sanji had a crush on Nami xD
One Piece Yaoi Zoro X Sanji X Luffy Innocent Sleeping - I SO don't ship any of these three but this is so freakin cute I had to pin it.
This is cute but I don't ship
Shamelessly Shipping Yaoi Pairings
I don't really ship LawLu but this is cute!
Zoro x Sanji #one piece i dont ship them #brotp but im dying at
One Piece - Sanji and Nami
Zoro, Law and Luffy #one piece I don't ship this but it is cute'////' >>>> Kyaaa!!!! LawFy
don't really ship them, but the pic is cute.
Zoro and Sanji I don't ship it.
Zoro x Sanji #one piece #zosan #sanzo
But of course pirates too❤ like zoro/law/ace/luffy/shanks/sanji . memes one…
Sanji, Zoro, and Luffy - Monster Trio
Sanji x Nami
Haha funny meme :D but i always cry when a dog dies in a Film
When you don't wear a shirt, the fangirls will come for you. When that time comes, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!! One Piece: Eiichiro Oda
Luffy x Trafalgar Law #one piece I don't ship lawlu but this is friggen adorable.
Sorry, the very first ZoSan moment is when Sanji's shouting at Zoro when Mihawk defeats him. Yeah, that lovely moment when Sanji realize ...
Roronoa Zoro, Sanji. I don't ship it, but this is very
Trafalgar Law x Nico Robin; I don't ship these two, but this is really cute >u <
One Piece - Roronoa Zoro x Nami Don't ship this but still really cute.
One Piece
One Piece, Vinsmoke family, Sanji, Ichiji, Jajji
maybe a normal human sees it as a burning ship but for us, it's a dying nakama :'(
Zoro and Sanji are definitely not happy with that! One Piece doesn't belong to me, etc. One Piece - Genderbent Issues
Sanji x Nami One piece Awww cute~
aww look at that, usopp being all worried about sanji. I swear to god · Don 't stop the musicSHIPShipsBoat
I ship Zorobin, but I haven't seen that much Lawbin so I'll think about it.
Luffy/Ruffy x Hancock Nami x Zoro Kaya x Lysopp Franky x Robin Falkenauge x Perona und Sanji allein
Eye Patch
Don't cry my little boy ...
Bubbles/Luffy,Zoro,Sanji, Nami,Usopp,Chopper,Robin, Franky,Brook/One piece
Luffy I always say this phrase whenever I start struggling with my study and it gives me enforcement
Even if we rule out Nami and Robin, there are whole lot of other ongoing ships with Luffy- Vivi, Rebecca, Margeret etc. But still it can be proved it is ...
Zoro x Sanji - Zosan/Sanzo
TWO YEARS FROM NOW: Sanji's gone through the least number of changes, I'd say, but one of his changes is huge--see his left eye, there? We haven't seen that ...
Sanji X Zoro I don't ship this, but oh my god this is
Roronoa Zoro x Sanji #zosan
Great Eastern One Piece 7.5" Sanji Plush Toy
It makes me so angry that people feel like they have to insult other ships to make themselves feel better about theirs. I'm a sanami shipper but seeing ...
One Piece Sanji Cooking
Why People Ship It: Sanji And Zoro From One Piece
Literally me, I don't give any shits if someone did this ps to
Sanji x Usopp. Don 't ...
I don't ship them, but this is adorable as a platonic thing too
One Piece, Sanji
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Honestly I don't ship them but--
Zoro, Sanji, yaoi, blushing, kissing, text, comic; One Piece
In conclusion, I personally think most fans are trying too hard when thinking of potential power ups for the cook (genetics, etc). We haven't seen him use a ...
Nami and Sanji
Zoro x Sanji - Zosan/Sanzo
Roronoa Zoro x Sanji · Roronoa ZoroDon t ...
Zoro x Nami I don't ship it but this is cute.
Global News[ENG] TM Zoro/Sanji Infographic ...
Luffy x Zoro x Sanji
things and facepalming about Luffy:
Luffy, Sanji, Zoro, Chopper, Usopp, Brook, Franky, Nami,
I do normally ship this... BUT THIS SO CUTE!
Graylu || Gray Fullbuster x Lucy Heartfilia || Fairy Tail ... ( Don' t ship, but cute ♡ and lol, jealous Natsu! )
I don't ship them... but this is SOOO CUTE ^^ Then there is yama protecting his fries.
I don't ship them as I ship him and the pirate empress but it's
You frown at the pocky stick as Skyra hands it to you. She pinches your cheek. "Don't make that face, just do it... You can't go wrong," She tells you.
Join the #CDChallenge (link→ https://www.facebook.com/groups/CharacterDesignChallenge) Share your unique vision of a theme, ...
3. I don't remember the episode or the scenario, Nami once again uses her "happiness punch". See Luffy excitement again.
I don't ship Nami X Sanji but this is just too cute and very
Loved that scene so much ovo | Zoro x Sanji - Zosan/Sanzo